Autumn Newsletter

Greetings all

What a fabulous summer we have had. Even though it is never long enough, you just cannot beat a good British summer. But all good things come to an end, and as the turn of the seasons is upon us it is time to reflect on our health, both in body and in mind. Many of us will end up with the sniffles, aching joints and all kinds of other ailments as the colder months set in. Now is a good time to come and have some reflexology to keep your body working at optimum, boost your immune system, reduce your stress levels and generally feel healthier and more able to fight off those winter nasties. It can help with those aching joints too!
This month I am having some advanced training in Vertical Reflex Therapy, so you can all expect to see and experience some new techniques in the treatment room. Why not book an appointment and see what new tricks I have to offer?

Whilst we are on the subject of training, I have recently been re-attuned to Tera-Mai™ Reiki & Seichem, which has really boosted the healing energies. The Reiki feels far clearer and stronger, and some incredible healings are being facilitated as a result. People (including myself) are shifting swathes of old emotional baggage and finding that having a clearer heart and mind is improving their lives and helping them to feel more joy. It’s all part of the big shift of course, and Reiki is helping with that in a huge way.
A recurring theme for my clients seems to be that the Reiki & Seichem is waking up people’s natural healing and/or psychic abilities and really awakening them to new possibilities and ways of being. Of course Reiki also works on physical ailments as well as on a mental and emotional level – so whatever ails you, try a wonderful relaxing Reiki & Seichem treatment and see what it does for you. You just might be amazed!
Reiki also works extremely well on animals, so don’t forget your poorly pets!
If you want to know more about Tera-Mai™ Reiki and Seichem – what it is and what to expect – please read here.
If you (or your pet!) would like a treatment, do give me a call or drop me an email. Contact details are all on my website.

I teach Tera-Mai™ Reiki & Seichem and will be running a Reiki I course in November 2013 – please do let me know if you are interested. Dates TBA.
I can also do re-attunements for previous Tera-Mai practitioners on a donations basis.

Coming Soon!
I have been in training this year and am soon to be qualified in NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP is a type of life-coaching which can help you to:

Improve your relationships
Achieve your goals
Build confidence
Get rid of unwanted thoughts
Quit bad habits
Get rid of phobias, fast
De-activate old emotional triggers and create new behaviours
And lots more!

If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life, NLP may be able to help you.
For an even bigger boost why not try a combined NLP and Reiki session?
NLP will be available from Late October.

Peer Dream Workshops
Peer dream work, a method developed by Tony Crisp is an excellent way to get right into the depths of your dreams in a fast and effective way. We are all the expert on our own dreams – you create your dream, and you know best what that dream is telling you. These workshops will show you how to work in small groups to really penetrate the true meaning of a dream, and gain a deeper understanding of your life and experiences. Dreams are also often about problem-solving and they can give us amazing insight and help us to make decisions.
Even if you feel you do not dream, I will give detailed instructions on how to start remembering your dreams before the workshop so that you have something to work with on the day. We all dream, but a some of us just don’t remember anything about them. there are ways to trigger the process of remembering though – it is always worth a try!

Many who have tried this method of dream working say that they are amazed to find that their subconscious is working for them in ways they had never truly comprehended before. Some have said they feel relieved and happy to find that they have what feels like a higher force guiding them via their dreams.
Coming soon – Please register your interest by sending me an Email

Feel free to visit my newly updated website or come on over to my Facebook Page and click ‘like’ to get regular health updates and news on special offers.

Hoping you all have a wonderful Autumn – it’s my favourite time of year!

Bright blessings


This weekend 12th, 13th, 14th July

Hi everyone, hope you are enjoying the wonderful sunshine!
I just wanted to let you know that I will be at the Healing Weekend at Secret World in Highbridge again this year offering Reflexology, VRT and Reiki.
It is this weekend – the 12th, 13th and 14th July. Hope to see some of the lovely people I met there last year as well as some new faces!

Only £5 per day entry – do come along and treat yourself! It is always a wonderful event, you won’t be sorry you came! Camping is available should you wish to stay for the whole weekend or just for one night.

Kind regards


Grand Spiritual Event This Sunday

I will be there this Sunday 28th April providing Reflexology.  There will be workshops, talks and demonstrations, therapists, mediums, psychics, plenty of stalls selling all kinds of fabulous goodies. Come along and have a Grand day out!

I will be there this Sunday 28th April providing Reflexology.
There will be workshops, talks and demonstrations, therapists, mediums, psychics, and plenty of stalls selling all kinds of fabulous goodies. Come along and have a Grand day out!

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The Brain In Your Gut

Did you know your gut has more neurons in it than your spinal cord? It is like a second brain. So what we eat not only affects our physical health, but our mental health too.
There are many neurological conditions that come with food intolerances or other digestive or elimination issues included, such as Tourettes, Aspergers, Autism and Parkinsons to name a few.
New research shows that the gut comes first – remove the food that the body percieves as toxic and the neurological condition can be greatly improved. Please click on the link for more information:

Reflexology can help with the removal of toxins and helps the digestive and elimination processes.
Our bodies protect us from toxins by storing them in our fat cells. Just cutting them out of the diet won’t get rid of the accumulated toxins that are already there. De-tox diets and treatments or therapies such as Reflexology can help shift the toxins that that the body has stored away.

Reflexology – More Than Just A Foot Rub!

Reflexology is an holistic therapy that treats the whole body by treating reflex points on the feet or hands.

But how does it work?

There are several theories as to how and why Reflexology works. The hands and feet are seen as a microcosm of the whole body. There are 10 ‘zone lines’ that run the length of the body, in line with the fingers and toes. Any gland, organ or skeletal structure within a zone can be affected by applying pressure in the same zone on the feet. For example, the shoulder reflexes are on the outer edges of the feet below the little toe – and anything on the centre line of the body – the bladder, or the neck – will have reflex points on the inner edges of the feet or hands.
The feet and hands have more nerve endings than any other part of the body. All nerves travel through the body to the spinal cord and up to the brain. It makes sense that if we affect the nerve endings in our extremities, then we affect the whole body. We are of course affecting the entire nervous system by doing Reflexology.
It is estimated that 75% of all illnesses are caused by stress. Reflexology is immensely relaxing and benefits the whole body, putting all your body’s systems back into balance. There are so many stresses in modern living, mental and emotional as well as physical/environmental. Reflexology’s ability to redress the balance and clear toxins from our system can only be of benefit to us all.

Reflexology is a great way to look after your health. It is both preventative and curative, so whether you have health issues that need addressing or you want to make sure you stay in top form, Reflexology can help.

Vertical Reflex Therapy, or V.R.T. is an extension of traditional Reflexology. Reflex points on the tops of the feet are worked whilst you are standing, which results in deeper access to reflexes which has a more profound effect.
Please click on the links to read more about just some of the conditions Reflexology can help.
Vertical Reflex Therapy

I am a specialist in Fertility Reflexology. 60% of people who go for Fertility Reflexology conceive within 4 months, so if you think I may be able to help you, please call or pop in for a chat.
Some of the techniques I have learned as part of my Fertility training can also be useful for alleviating menopausal symptoms, and are fantastic for balancing out erratic teenage hormones.
Why not give it a try – you won’t regret it!

Moving Forward With Reiki & Seichem

Many of us are going through huge personal challenges and changes right now. 2011 saw many people with life-changing illnesses and injuries, and many relationships, friendships and careers ended. There has been much separation and relocation as we shift into new and unfamiliar territory, both physically and emotionally.
As we move into 2012 we are being pushed forward into a new life, and are having to let go of things that no longer serve us. Old attitudes must now be released so we may step confidently into the next phase of life.
For many of us this process has been difficult. It is hard to let go of what is familiar and step boldly into the unknown. But help is at hand!

Reiki & Seichem are dynamic healing energies which can support us through times of great transition and help us to shift the mental and emotional blockages that prevent us from moving forward in life. It is not a ‘magic pill’ to solve all problems but it can help us to let go of that which no longer serves us and release old emotional pain and traumas. From this point we can then find the strength and impetus to take the next step in improving our lives.

Reiki is not just good for emotional blockages – it also works well on physical complaints. Many health conditions may be helped by Reiki, as it helps the body find the right physical, emotional and mental balance to shift dis-ease and heal itself. So no matter what your problem, be it physical or emotional, why not come along and see what this wonderful healing treatment can do for you!

For more information including what to expect from a treatment, click here


The Healing Weekend

(Click on the photo to enlarge)

I will be at this event on the 6/7/8 July, offering Reflexology, Vertical Reflex Therapy and Reiki. Payment is by donation only so if you have never tried these therapies before do come along and see for yourself how amazing they are!
Entry is only £5 for a day – there are all sorts of workshops, lots of wonderful stalls selling all kinds of fabulous stuff – and of course plenty of people doing healings, readings, etc. It really is a wonderful event so do come along and say hello!



Here is a link detailing lots of research done into reflexology and it’s many health benefits.
These days we are obliged to provide real proof to back up our healthcare claims – here is some.

Benefits of Reflexology