Peer Dream Processing

What is dream processing good for?

Peer dream processing, a method developed by Tony Crisp (, is an excellent way to get right into the depths of your dreams in a fast and effective way. We are all the expert on our own dreams – you create your dream, and you know best what that dream is telling you. These workshops will show you how to work in small groups to really penetrate the true meaning of a dream, and gain a deeper understanding of your life and experiences. Dreams are also often about problem-solving and they can give us amazing insight and help us to make decisions.
Ongoing dream processing will help you get to the root of major issues, and clears the way to create deep understanding and change in your life. We can focus and ask for dreams to help us with a specific problem or we can just get dreaming and let the subconscious guide us into what it wants to reveal to us the most.

“But I Don’t Dream!”

Even if you feel you do not dream, I will give detailed instructions on how to start remembering your dreams before the session or workshop so that you have something to work with on the day. We all dream, but a some of us just don’t remember anything about them. There are ways to trigger the process of remembering though – it is always worth a try!

You have all your own answers inside you.

Many who have tried this method of peer dream processing are amazed to find that their subconscious is working for them in ways they had never truly comprehended before. Some have said they feel relieved and happy to find that they have what feels like a higher force guiding them via their dreams.
Clients have overcome deep issues such as a lifetime’s lack of confidence resulting from being bullied at school; discovering their true purpose in life; healing issues with relatives that have passed over, discovering solutions to problems and much, much more.

I offer one to one sessions and run workshops where you will learn to work in small groups to assist each other in the process.

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