Reflexology is the ancient art of foot massage. Reflex points on the feet correspond to all parts and systems of the body. Reflexology treats the whole person, including all systems and structures of the body, and relieves the stresses and strains of everyday life which are so often the cause of dis-ease. It is known to assist many health conditions. Whatever your condition, or if you just need some high quality relaxation, Reflexology can help.
There are just a few conditions which Reflexologists can not treat, such as a Thrombosis, so do call me to discuss whether I may be of help to you.
I specialize in fertility and maternity Reflexology. Some fertility issues can be assisted with Reflexology and some can’t, so please call or email for a chat if you wish to find out more.
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Here is a video from the Association of Reflexologists explaining Reflexology:


Reflexology with Vertical Reflex Therapy: 1 hour – £35

Under 13’s – 20 mins £12

Please allow about 15-20 minutes extra on your first session for your health consultation.


Vertical Reflex Therapy (V.R.T.) is a relatively new development in Reflexology. It is a short treatment added on to the beginning and end of a Reflexology treatment, or it can be a treatment in its own right. This technique is done on the tops of weight-bearing feet (or hands) while the client is standing or sitting. VRT has been known to have have a profound effect on many health issues and is particularly good for joint problems such as:

Frozen Shoulder
Tennis Elbow
Knee and hip problems
Back problems

V.R.T also helps all the health complaints that traditional Reflexology assists. V.R.T. resets the body clock so is excellent for jet-lag.

The V.R.T. hormone rebalancing techniques I use as part of Fertility Reflexology can also be a great help for menopausal symptoms and poly cystic ovary syndrome as well as calming down hormonal teenagers!

I often include V.R.T. in an hour-long Reflexology treatment or it can be taken on its own as a 30 minute treatment.

Price: 1 hour £35.