Reiki & Seichem Elemental Healing (Tera-Mai)

Tera Mai™ Reiki & Seichem is a form of hands-on energy healing. It works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. (Also known as Elemental Healing)

  • It is deeply relaxing and can help to shift blockages in your life.
  • Relieves the after-effects of trauma, and helps with bereavement.
  • Eases tension, stress, and anxiety
  • Assists recovery from illness, and helps to clear toxins from your body.
  • Improves sleep and soothes pain.
  • Works on people, animals, and even plants!

I am a Tera Mai™ Reiki & Seichem master/teacher, attuned to level 7 of the Elemental Healing Rays. I offer treatments as well as teaching and attunements.

WARNING!!!! This treatment can seriously improve your life! After receiving this healing, most people find that they stop ending up in the same bad situations over and over; many find the courage to walk away from ‘friends’ or relationships that are draining or that do not serve them anymore, and often people find they are able deal with conflict and stress in a completely different way.

Many people are currently healing from difficult, but very compelling relationships. Many are going through enormous life changes which naturally brings fear and apprehension. Tera Mai healing helps us to let go of the past, and move confidently into a better future.

Often when we heal our emotional issues, our physical pains go away too.
When we let go of our past, the future becomes much brighter, happier and more joyful.

What happens during and after a treatment can seem subtle, or it can seem immensely powerful.
During a treatment you may sense the different energies (detailed below) or you may simply feel deeply relaxed. Either way, know that the healing is happening! Whatever happens, the Elemental Healing Rays bring noticeable CHANGE. I simply advise people to watch for what is different in their lives after a treatment. As we clear out our internal ‘stuff’, our external circumstances improve too.

On the physical level, Tera Mai helps to alleviate symptoms, but also gets to the root cause behind it. I do NOT profess to cure anything, but using Elemental Healing alongside your usual medication can be very helpful.

Tera Mai uses the 4 Elemental Healing Rays: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Reiki (earth energy) is felt as heat or cold and can benefit physical, mental and emotional health. It forms a base through which the other elemental rays can work.

Sophi-el (water energy) is experienced as a gentle, pulsating coolness. It helps to heal deep emotional issues, opens the heart to love and enhances intuitive abilities.

Angeliclight (air and spirit) is felt like cool gentle breezes and can facilitate mental healing. It also ensures that we do not attract the same rubbish back into our lives over and over again.

Sakara (fire energy) feels like an effervescent tingling, like a mild electrical current. It works in the aura, helping to transform blockages. Sakara also repairs the physical body.

Akasha (Ether) clears out hidden, dark energies in the energy field that surrounds us. It gets to core issues. Brings an expansion of consciousness and knowledge, which brings enlightenment. It boosts creativity. It also clears our timeline and other lifetimes.  Ether is able to bring us gifts from our other lifetimes into the present

These rays work individually or together depending on your needs.

During a treatment you remain fully clothed. You can receive the treatment while sitting or lying down. The healer gently places their hands in various positions on or just above your body. A pleasant sensation is usually felt.


If you are interested in receiving training to use this healing system,  please contact me, or subscribe to my blog or facebook page for details of upcoming courses.
Even if you do not want to become a practitioner, you can use these energies on yourself once you are attuned and trained. If you have a friend or family member who is sick or disabled, it can be very helpful to be attuned to Level 1 so that you can give them healing whenever they need it.


Adults 1 hour  £40  ~   Children 30 mins £15

Training: Level 1 £120; Level 2 £180; Mastership £400
Tera Mai Reiki 4-7 £250; Tera Mai Seichem 4-7 £300
For those already attuned to Tera-Mai, I offer Re-attunements on a donations-are-accepted basis.
I can also pass on the new Cosmic Gold and Golden Bubbles, plus double Say Hey Key.