Spotlight on Reflexology

Reflexology has been around for thousands of years; for at least 5,000 years in China, and paintings in the Pyramids of Egypt depict people performing hand & foot Reflexology. Since then it has been developed in all kinds of fascinating ways. Many discoveries are still being made today about the links between the feet and the rest of the body, and new techniques are emerging all the time. My training is ongoing and I am always learning new things and bringing new, more powerful techniques to the table.
Myself and my clients are constantly amazed at the deep and often spontaneous healings that occur during reflexology treatments. From instant pain relief to longer term easing of chronic conditions, almost any health issue can be helped or eased wth reflexology. It also affects the emotions and eases stress and anxiety.
a good reflexologist is trained with a deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology and will know which points to work to get to the root of a problem. Many tales can be told by the feet, and I often say that the feet don’t lie. Often clients forget to mention physical complaints that they have just got used to because they have lived with them for so long – this doesn’t matter because the feet always tell me what is going on!
I specialize in Fertility and Maternity reflexology and have helped many ladies get pregnant, some of whom have conditions such as PCOS or secondary fertility problems, and some who have been trying for many many years to get pregnant. Having reflexology while pregnant can help you to have a shorter labour, keeps hormones in check and can assist the body in preparing for birthing.
I have also had extra training for spinal issues, sleep problems, mobility, problems with the joints, dementia, and Reflexology for athletes – to give you that extra edge in sports! There’s not much reflexology can’t do, so whatever your condition, feel free to have a chat to discuss your needs.
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