Spotlight on Reiki & Seichem

Reiki works on the physical, mental and emotional aspects. If you are stressed out, in pain, suffering with anxiety, have emotional issues, conflict, or are struggling in any area of your life, Reiki not only helps physical issues but also brings clarity and a fresh outlook. It clears emotional blockages, calms the mind, relieves pain and eases traumas of all kinds. It is deeply relaxing and benefits us on all levels.
The addition of Seichem to Reiki brings in other healing energies, all of which feel different and do different things. We work with all of the elements – the Earth, Air, Fire and Water energies. Earth works primarily on physical issues, Air works in the mental realms, Fire burns away blockages and Water is for emotional healing. With all of these energies working together depending on your needs, deep healing is achieved.
You remain fully clothed during a session and I work either on or just above your body in the aura. It can also be sent from a distance.
Reiki & Seichem are a powerful combination, and many clients comment that it feels a lot stronger than other healing systems and has a deep, lasting effect. Whatever your complaint, Reiki & Seichem will make a difference. Deep relaxation and
Call or message me to book your appointment. Slots available next week at my treatment room in Nailsea.
Mobile treatments also available on request.
Cost – £35 for an hour
Call 07847 098 869 or message me here