Spring 2014 News

Hello and welcome to my Spring 2014 Newsletter. There is plenty to talk about this month as I have successfully completed my training in some new and exciting therapies. I am very pleased to announce that I can now offer Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis. Of course I have also kept up my training in Reflexology and Reiki and continue to add to my skills and knowledge, which I am always eager to share with you.

So… what is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

NLP is an outcome-focused therapy which gives you the tools you need to create real change in your life.

In NLP we believe that nobody is broken, and that we all hold the keys to our own life but do not always know how to access them. NLP assists you to find more healthy ways to respond to life by overcoming your limiting belief patterns and ingrained behaviours. I will help you to unlock your own unique solutions that will work with your personal beliefs and your own unique way of living and being.

The subconscious mind is immensely creative and can create solutions where our conscious mind cannot. Tapping into the creative subconscious brings new and more successful solutions to the things that interfere with a well-functioning life. We will access them through fun NLP techniques that get us thinking about things in a completely different way than we are used to doing, and create immediate change! Hypnosis is also used as part of NLP.

In NLP we do not delve into ‘why’ we behave the way we do as this can ultimately prove to be unproductive, but instead look at ‘how’ you are thinking about something, and quickly re-train the mind to behave and react differently to situations and move beyond whatever held us back in the past. NLP never drags up our past, it only focuses on the future and how we can move forwards, in joy, and create a better life for ourselves.

How can NLP help me?
NLP can help with many kinds of issues. It is not a therapy that you have to spend years coming back to. Many things can be achieved often in just one session. Also once you have been shown a technique you can use it on yourself, meaning you are not dependant on a therapist and can create change for yourself whenever you wish. Here are just some of the things NLP can help you achieve:
Quit bad habits – smoking, over-eating etc.
Get rid of Phobias, fast – often in just one session
Helps alleviate the suffering of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Improve your relationships
Achieve your goals
Build Confidence
Get rid of unwanted thoughts
De-activate old emotional triggers and create new, healthier behaviours
Help with dieting by changing your mindset
Change likes to dislikes and vice versa –
Do you wish you didn’t like chocolate so much?
Or do you need to give up something you love,
maybe for health reasons?
Try some NLP and see just how easy it is to change your mind!

This is just a short list – please enquire if you have anything you want to change or improve in your life – chances are there will be an NLP technique to help you! Change is created rapidly and you should not need lots of sessions.
Price – NLP £40 per hour. Sessions can take up to 2 hours.

Peer Dream Processing Workshops
Working with others you will be shown powerful techniques for remembering and processing dreams. You will be shown how to problem-solve through dreams and accelerate your personal growth by getting deep into the core of your inner world. Dreams are rich in meaning and insight. Often, people are surprised to find that they have a wise inner guide that is prompting and helping them all the way, if we only learn how to listen. Our dreams are telling us something important – why not come along and learn a fast, easy way to explore your own inner guide.
Details of workshops posted regularly online – please sign up to my blog on this site or find me on Facebook posting as Karen Bartley Holistic Therapist.