Emotion Code & Body Code

The Emotion Code is the fastest way to  discover and release trapped emotions. Using a mixture of muscle testing (Kinesiology) to find trapped emotions and easy energy clearing techniques to release them, this therapy has freed thousands of people from pain, opened people up to receive healthy relationships, put a stop to those endless struggles with friends, family and authority figures, and has even helped many people find their true purpose – because it is much easier to follow your heart when you do not have a wall of trapped emotions blocking your view! The Emotion Code can also help free you from addictions, self-defeating behaviours and phobias, and can help unblock your flow of abundance.

Body Code

The Body Code takes things deeper and finds and fixes imbalances in the body using the same techniques as the Emotion Code. This is an astounding therapy that gets the job done. No more simply ‘managing’ your symptoms, but actually getting to the root cause of the problem and correcting the imbalances that are causing pain, disease, and blockages in your life. It is an absolutely phenomenal therapy which gets results like nothing else I have ever seen or done. I will be posting up some of my client’s stories and reviews here very soon, so watch this space!

What are trapped emotions?

Emotional baggage is more than just a heavy weight we carry around. It influences our lives, our decisions, our relationships and our careers. It creates depression, anxiety and worry. Trapped emotions are negative, destructive vibrations that affect the body wherever they lodge, creating pain and malfunction of body tissues. Releasing trapped emotions has an instant effect on pain levels, often making the pain disappear completely.

Not only do we have our own emotional baggage to contend with, we also carry inherited trapped emotions from our parents and grandparents, sometimes going back generations.  The great thing is, when these emotions are released from you, they are also released from your ancestors, your children and grandchildren too. So you’re not just helping yourself when you come for a session, you are helping your whole family too.

Remove the walls around your heart.

Many of us have a ‘Heart-Wall’ – a protective wall around our heart which we start to build up when we get hurt by the painful events in our lives. This Heart-Wall protects us from further pain, but it also blocks us from happiness and love and disconnects us from other people. Using the Emotion Code, we can remove each trapped emotion from the Heart-Wall until it is completely gone, freeing you to know the joy of giving and receiving love, having better emotional connections with others and finding your true joy in your life, career and relationships.

Watch a demonstration here: http:///www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2gK7iw9Sdk

Cost – £35 per session