Touch for Health Kinesiology

Touch For Health Kinesiology uses muscle-monitoring to discover imbalances in the body as well as finding out what stresses the body. The techniques for correcting imbalances are incredibly simple, yet extremely effective.  It is a non invasive therapy which can help reduce stress and pain. It improves energy levels and performance, and promotes an often immediately noticeable sense of improved health and wellbeing.

From the Touch for Health website:    “Developed by Dr. George Goodheart in the 1960s, Kinesiology is an exciting integration of proven techniques and principles from eastern and western medicine including Chiropractic, Chinese Medicine and the science of muscle movement. It can help physical, emotional and biochemical aspects of the body to work efficiently, increase clear communication between the body systems and enable the body to use its natural resources to stay healthy.”

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How TFH helps with goal-setting (a ‘locked’ muscle response shows congruence with an idea. An unlocked muscle shows that the body has a stress response to an idea or goal):

Price – £45 – 90 minutes